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Kenny Chesney has seen unmatched success - and yet he is still pushing the boundaries of his musical artistry. Last year, Kenny sold more tickets in North America than any other artist out there and performed at some mega-stadiums. His unparalleled ability to capture the emotion behind flyover living makes Just Who I Am: Poets & Pirates one of his most personal albums ever released!

Get ready to be swept away on a sonic journey of high jinks and good-time revelry! "Got a Little Crazy" is the perfect morning after introduction, with its shimmering soundscape capturing that feeling of young freedom. Then comes "Just Not Today," an ode to living life around music while relishing every moment. The elegiac feel in ballad “Better As A Memory” shows us what it's like when we understand our own limits - but still live for today without getting too carried away by emotion or circumstance.

Kenny Chesney Tickets

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Seeing crowds of people around the world, from a football stadium to an intimate bar in Key West- it's clear that deep down we are all fighting for and searching after the same things. From those on their first date filled with tense anticipation, to those overloaded by responsibilities or punching clocks trying making ends meet - everyone has something universal they can relate too.

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Kenny Chesney has achieved an incredible level of success and he's not slowing down! With a triple Academy of Country Music win, two time Country Music Association Entertainer award under his belt, Kenny sold the most tickets in North America last year. He shows that people from all over can connect with one another through music - including singing about their experiences on 'Just Who I Am: Poets & Pirates', which is considered to be his most personal album yet.

Kenny Chesney Tickets


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