Valid Tickets
All tickets 100% authentic and valid for entry!
On Time
Tickets will arrive in time for your event.
Seats Together
All seats are side by side unless otherwise noted.
Full Refund
Full refund for events that are canceled and not rescheduled.

Ticket Jungle is the most exciting new ticket retailer – and with good reason!  

At Ticket Jungle, we do things a little differently than other ticket retailers. First, our goal is to get you to your favorite shows, concerts, stadiums, venues, and more without any extra headaches and at a much more affordable price. We're not interested in making you jump through hoops, fill out endless forms, or spend twice what your ticket is worth on service fees. We keep it simple so you can get the tickets you want as easily as possible.  

Our secret is Ticket Jungle’s four pillars of success.  

First is our valid ticket guarantee. All tickets you buy from Ticket Jungle are 100% authentic and valid for entry.  

Next is our on-time assurance. When you buy a ticket from Ticket Jungle, your tickets will get to you with time to spare. Never again will you wait around the day of the event hoping your tickets get to you in time. With Ticket Jungle, you will know for certain! 

Third, is our guarantee that your seats will be together when you purchase your tickets from Ticket Jungle. Unless otherwise noted, when you purchase multiple tickets from Ticket Jungle, you and your loved ones will be next to each other for your sporting event, concert, or show. 

Finally, Ticket Jungle commits to a full refund for all events that are canceled and will not be rescheduled. You never have to worry about wasting your money again. With Ticket Jungle, you can be sure that any show, sporting event, or concert that is canceled will result in your money back every time.  

Ticket Jungle was started in 2022 to make tickets more affordable without abhorrent service and convenience fees. Other large secondary ticket marketplaces add as much as 35% in cost disguised as a service fee. This tactic is called drip pricing and it is used to bilk customers out of extra cash at the time of purchase. Other sites disguise their service fees by adding it to the price up-front, then claim they do not have any service fees.  

At Ticket Jungle, we always keep service and shipping fees as low as can be. Your service fee should be there to help make it more convenient for you to see your favorite shows and events, not to empty your wallet. You can forget about obscene “convenience fees” that cost as much as your ticket. Ticket Jungle keeps the extra costs to a minimum because you deserve to get your tickets without any extra hassle.  

Ticket Jungle is here to help you see the shows you want as easily as possible.  

Your next great adventure awaits you. Get your seat with Ticket Jungle.  

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